Sunday, 20 April 2008

Vive le Forum!

I am very slowly finding Forums based in mainland Europe where jewellery artists congregate. Another very friendly forum I have found, on recommendation of Valérie (Luz Bijoux) and Laurence (Laulo) is Beadouillerie. The work is beautiful. Even if you've not spoken/read French since your school days, hop over and take a look at the work :-D You will be impressed.

I am trying to negotiate the boards to find the correct place to upload images of jewellery and beads... It is taking me a while :-D I think I repeatedly post in the wrong sections on Histoire de Perles, and my poor French makes people wince, but everyone is so encouraging, it is wonderful.


claire said...

I cant get your link to work to the forum :-( It sunds good though! and will def help you out with your french!

Billie Jean Little said...

How very odd. It works when I click on it

I'm struggling on with my French. I am able to pick a few more words out of people's sentences when I have rapid French fired at me though, so I think it is sinking in slowly :-D