Monday, 15 February 2010

Went a Bit Barmy with Blue

I had a little time Friday afternoon to get on the torch. I found myself reaching for rods of white and cobalt blue and made this series - Porcelain...

This monster, took 3 rods of glass and measures 35mm

And for a choice of focals, there is also this "crunched" oblong

I also got this set made - a 30mm "marble" focal with 3 matching spacer beads which I've named Candied Jewels. I love the dark amethyst of this set!

And this, Galakto - another large "marble" focal

And I made an invert of the porcelain beads. Instead of white, I used ivory coloured glass, which has given a daintier swirl. This is Midnight Waltz

And lastly, Blue Lace... Told you I had a thing about blue on this last session!!

The girls are on 2 weeks leave from school, so no more torch time now until the end of the month... Which is probably just as well as the studio is FREEZING! See you in March!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A new year, a new name!!

Well, it has only taken me until February to say Happy New Year and wish everyone good health, peace and prosperity. Where does the time go?

2010 is also presenting a wonderful new opportunity, in that I have been invited to exhibit my creative pieces in a new gallery opening in Luxembourg - The Art of Good Taste where you'll be able to find my work under Serendipity Glass Art Beads & Jewellery.

The gallery opens toward the end of April, and if you're in the neighbourhood and would like to go along for a look, let me know.

January brought snow, and lots of new bead sets - some of which are here. In the meantime, as always, you can view photo's of everything that has been baked on Flickr