Monday, 31 March 2008

What's the time Mr Wolf...?

Soooooo.... we remember to put the clocks forward yesterday, unlike quite a few people we interacted with yesterday in France.

The girls go to bed at the revised time and didn't seem to notice having an hour trimmed off their day and the alarm is set for ten minutes to 7, as James also wants to go down to the walk-in surgery at the doctors this morning. Everything is right with the world.

When we get the girls downstairs this morning, it isn't 5 minutes to 7, it's 5 minutes to 8. I need to be out the door on the way to the bus stop with Daisy at 10 minutes past 8. It's only a 3 minute walk, but Daisy likes a few minutes to run around with the other children before the bus arrives.

Someone... mentioning no names James... didn't change the bedroom clock. Why does James get the blame? Because he sorts the bedroom clock and he also had to be up a little earlier than everyone else.

Food is not allowed on the school bus, but at La Maternelle they don't have a morning snack and I'm not letting Daisy go hungry until lunch time. So we hatch a plan, this morning she will be driven to school so she can eat her toast in the back of the car enroute. While I get her dressed, James makes toast. While she drinks a cup of milk, I get her feet into her boots. While James gets her in her coat, I pull a brush through her hair. Ruby, during this frenzied activity, is calmly watching her Snow White DVD.

James and Daisy hurry out the door at 8.15a.m. and drive to school. The school bus that's due to leave the village bus stop at 8.15a.m...... comes flying past the house at 8.30a.m. The bus was also running late!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Wonderful swaps

If any of you are members of forums, I urge you to get involved in swaps and exchanges. They are ace!! (and while mentioning swaps, I recommend you go visit my friend Tan's site (Tan, of Course - link listed under websites). She has a page on her site which lists beads she's willing to exchange for other items. If you have any of the items she's looking for on her list, you could find you have yourselves a deal!!!

I've received two fantastic swaps the last couple of days. The first was a wonderful etched goddess from Becky at Chameleon Designs as part of a swap on the Frit Happens forum.

Isn't she a fantastic colour? My cobalt blue goddess which appeared on the blog at the end of February is now in Becky's hands.

Next, I had a visit from the Sock Fairy. No, I'm not losing it!! The Sock Fairy aka Jaye, is a lurker on the Bead Buddies forum, and in exchange for these beads....

I received these fabulous socks.

No more cold toes when I'm in the cellar making beads :-D

Thanks Jaye!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


I don't usually post pictures of my girls on publicly accessible forums but I have to share this with you. We were out at 7.30a.m. Easter Monday morning building Mr Frosty.

Here's a view of the garden.

I think we're been experiencing the same kind of weather conditions as most of the UK over the course of the last week, namely hail, sleet, rain, snow and on occasion bright sunshine. Today it is bitterly cold. So cold, I expect to see penguins waddling down the road at any moment!!

I've been a bit slow on the bead front because it has been uncomfortable sitting at the torch, but the website has been updated today with some beads and a couple of focals. I think these are my favourite set on the website at the moment... Dark topaz and light steel effetre.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

These creaking bones...

Haven't been on the torch for almost a fortnight. I felt something twang a while back when picking up Ruby and it still hasn't quite righted itself... not enough for e to be comfortable sitting in the cellar for a 3 to 4 hour spell while I make beads anyway. Will hopefully have some freshly baked beads toward the end of the weekend...