Saturday, 5 April 2008

Idle thumbs....

You know that saying, "The Devil makes work for idle thumbs"? Well, Ruby and I are both down with the lurgies today. So while James and Daisy have their afternoon jaunt to Daisy's ballet class, followed by a sleep-over at a friends (yes, both of them. James's friend Gareth celebrates his birthday this weekend and he and his wife are having a party incorporating a wine tasting evening, so the girls were going to have a sleep-over with their children while we joined the adults and quaffed some wine), Ruby and are watching DVD's, drinking juice and I also decided to have a play with the banners I use on various online shop fronts and forums. So, gone is the monochrome look, and you'll see above a rather colourful banner incorporating a set of beads I made with topaz and light steel effetre glass. Not sure if I like it, and if it will stay.... but it's here for now.

Here's the set in their full glory!

I have to say, they are one of my favourite sets to date.

I can't believe I haven't been on the torch for almost a month now. Besieged by back ache, and now a cold. Busy week next week too as James is in London, but I'm hoping for torch time on Monday. There are beads to get out!!!


Kiamyka said...

I love your new banner - a friend is making me one I can't wait to see her ideas
x chris

Luz said...

Hi Billie,
Thank you for your comment on my ring 'lollipop'.
I enjoy you new beads and banner too, it's closer to your style of work I think, we see better the beads you create.

Friendly hugs

James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billie Jean Little said...

Thanks folks. I think I like it better too.... So it's here to stay... for a while :-D

(Jeez, posted this reply earlier and then noticed it had James's (my husbands) googlemail details. I must remember to check which one of us is signed into the PC!!)

Donni said...

lovely beads n banner too Billie Jean! Thanks for adding me on facebook, I have bookmarked your blog to return to! :))

Billie Jean Little said...

Hey, Donni. Nice to see you here. I've been reading your blog too. Some mighty fine beads. I'm going to add your blog link so I can catch up regularly :-D