Tuesday, 15 April 2008


So, I check my email this afternoon and I have a notification from "Compare People" on Facebook. My rankings have changed.

I've slipped down the rankings to #4 most athletic (not sure how I ever ranked third amongst my friends for that any how!!!!) I'm not even that upset at slipping 2 places (well, slightly...) and now being ranked 4th for most generous but GOING FROM TOP SPOT TO #4 MOST FASHIONABLE?? I need to have words with my friends >:-(

On a more positive note, have been at the torch the last two afternoons. Depending on how kind the kiln fairy is, there are a couple of Pysche tree beads, a couple of dotty sets, and I hope a fairy and a wood nymph... but I'm not that hopeful on the last two, but we shall see.

Pictures follow tomorrow.

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