Saturday, 11 April 2009


Well, I have been absent. Not only from updating my blog, but melting glass. I am back, and hopefully won't be absent for more than a few days at a time again. I won't bore you with the details as the main thing is beads are being baked once more.

There are also some announcements. My website is down for the foreseeable future (grrrrrr!! to the webhost) and so I will be selling my work through etsy, and you'll see my etsy shop details listed to the right. Beads will be previewed here also, and new bead listing announcements noted on my twitter feed (yes, I have succumbed to twitter). At the moment, I am running the one general Twitter feed as billiejlittle so you get a bit of family gossip too, but will split that off once I'm listing beads weekly again. And of course you can see a gallery of work on Flickr

That's it for today. Beads are baking as I type. Photo's to follow!

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