Tuesday, 14 April 2009

So I thought....

... I'd make another tree bead yesterday before turning off the torch. I've been admiring the green beginning to show in the surrounding forests and have been itching to translate it into glass. For those of you who make tree beads, you'll know they aren't quick beads to make. This little beauty (35mm lentil) was made from 12 different stringers, each stringer consisting of 3 to 5 colours. It took about 20 minutes of pulling stringers. The base bead is white and transparent green glass, about 2 rods of glass in total. That took about 45 minutes to melt, then another 15 - 20 minutes laying down stringers and shaping. I'm pleased with it and it's my first tree bead in around 7 months, but they still need more work.

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