Thursday, 28 February 2008

When I became a glass addict...

I was introduced to the art of lamp-working during a visit to my husbands parents house in the summer of 2006. My father-in-law asked me one evening if I wanted to "have a go" so off we trundled. It was fantastic. Watching molten glass is quite mesmerising, and being able to use the heat and gravity to manipulate I found to be very relaxing. Having two young daughters, I wanted a hobby which would allow me to have some "me time" and lampworking was perfect. I've always been artistic, sketching and painting and working with colour, and being able to transform some of that onto a glass canvas appealed to me as it felt both exciting and challenging. I voiced this to my husband and he was all for it... so long as I did a class with someone who would teach me the safety basics (the thought of propane and a naked flame concerned him slightly) so after finding a teacher and completing a course one weekend in late November that year, James bought me a starters kit for Christmas and an addiction to glass began.

My first ever bead!

This is the first set of beads I made - I think I gave this pendant to my sister.

And these are beads made 11 months later following my class with Sarah Hornik!!

I've been able to attend courses with some wonderful glass artists - Pauline Holt at Jazzy Lily was my first teacher in November 2006. In 2007 I was able to spend a day with Dora Schubert and also Sarah Hornik (websites below).

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