Thursday, 28 February 2008

I'm a tree hugger

I love trees. If I'm ever feeling down or lacking inspiration, apart from making sure I eat tomatoes(!!), I like to go for a walk where there are plenty of trees. When we lived in Hertfordshire it was Epping Forest or Broxbourne Wood. Here in France, we are surrounded by forest. It's incredible.

I spent much of autumn watching the leaves change colour, and wanted somehow to capture this in my beads. Between October and December there was a lot of green, amber, gold and brown in my beads - beautiful autumnal colours. Then one torch session while practicing my stringer control, my mind kept wandering to my glassy friend Claire. Claire is "Rowanberry Glass Art" and makes incredible tree beads, amongst many other beautiful things (link below). Trees are wonderful for stringer control, so with Claire in mind I made my first tree bead.

Tree beads are something I'm now working on developing into my own style, so with pictures of my first and latest shown, you can see how the style has so far developed.

You can see more beads on (link below).

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