Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Some commission pieces completed for a gentleman to present to his wife for their approaching anniversary. It was nice to be back on the torch after the summer off!

Realised today how quickly Autumn will be with us. There's the barest hint of brown appearing in the trees. Autumn is my favourite season and is always the time of year which inspires me to make tree beads.


nate and mona said...

hi Billie Jean..

Fall is my fav 2..
harvest full moon .. apple cider .. the rustle of the leaves as you walk upon them.. the smell in the air..
aaahhhhh are we there yet ;0)

blog'n friend.. hope you visit ggg lampwork blog..great tutorial from deb batten.. g109 chalcedony...

mona & the girls

gaffergirls.com said...

hi Billie..
thanks for the follow..
thats me above.. got to be more careful...have a great weekend

mona & the girls

Lou said...

Those beads were for me and they are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for all the work you put into them x