Friday, 22 May 2009


Well, I have had 2 sales on Etsy, and another as a result of Lynn Davy's project featuring my Chinese Silk bead in Step by Step Beads back in November. As I'm currently selling through Etsy rather than my own website, I am going to try to load a mini Etsy store widget here on the blog. Fingers crossed!

We have so many public holidays in May and June. Torch time has slowed AGAIN as a result. I have no idea how I'm going to get beads made during July and August when the girls are off. They have a 9 week break! I'm going to attempt to spend each school morning on the torch until they break up on July 3rd to get a decent amount of stock up on Etsy. Best laid plans and all that :-D

Here are some beads I made which have recently found their way to a new home in Florida.

This one commission on the back of Lynn Davy's tute in Step by Step Beads

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